On Thursday 16th December, France announced increased regulations for visitors from the UK.

The new rules for entry to France from the UK are:

  1. From Saturday 18 December, all those wishing to travel from the UK to France, regardless of vaccination status, will need to meet criteria defined by the French authorities that the travel is essential. Essential reasons do not include tourism or business travel

  2. This has been verified on the FCDO website here

This does not apply to passengers travelling from Ireland- please see “Travelling from Ireland” section below


This is an ever evolving situation due to the nature of coronavirus and each country’s efforts in mitigating risk. Erna Low are committed to running holidays where possible and we are reacting to the ongoing travel regulation changes as required.

We have all seen over the last month that entry rules can change very quickly and with this in mind, we cannot rule out a last minute easing of rules by France, which would enable Brits to visit more easily again.

This being the case, we will be reviewing our ability to run holidays on a week by week basis and will communicate this accordingly to passengers. Due to the ever-changing nature of the virus, rules and restrictions, we will be making the decision to cancel holidays as late as possible in the lead up to the departure ahead.


Until further notice, we will make a decision on whether a holiday can go ahead seven days prior to departure.

For example if you are set to depart on Saturday 1st January, we will confirm if your holiday is going ahead by Saturday 25th December.

This will be by email and sent to the individual booker directly (in the case where there is a group leader for your booking, please share with others in your group)

If your holiday can go ahead, this time frame allows sufficient time for you to organise relevant testing as required.

For travel in the immediate future, please see below.

Own transport passengers for check-in on 18th December:

Option 1: We know that many of you would still like to travel to take advantage of the early season snow. If you are able to arrive in France prior to the new rules coming into place, there is nothing to stop you from going on holiday. You would need to be on French soil by 00:00 CET on Saturday 18th December (Friday 17th December 23:00 GMT). You will still need to adhere to all the current testing regimes as documented here. Your accommodation will be available from 17:00 on Saturday 18th December.

Option 2: If you no longer wish to travel, we will cancel all your arrangements with our suppliers and arrange for you to be refunded. Please see the section below “What happens if my holiday can’t go ahead?”. At this late stage we cannot defer or arrange an alternative. Please note, if you booked insurance as an optional extra, this will not be refunded as per terms and conditions.

Passengers travelling on December 18th are being contacted directly to find out which option you would like to choose.

Arrivals in resort between the 25th - 28th December: Unfortunately your holidays are now cancelled, please see the section below “What happens if my holiday can’t go ahead?”. At this late stage we cannot defer or arrange an alternative. Please note, if you booked insurance as an optional extra, this will not be refunded as per terms and conditions.

Arrivals in resort from 29th December onwards: Please wait to hear from us regarding whether we can operate your holiday. Please kindly refrain from contacting us asking whether the holiday will go ahead. As above, we will be confirming whether travel is possible 7 days before your departure. If you do not wish to travel, please see the section below “What happens if I choose to cancel”


Where possible, you will be offered an alternative destination or a deferral of your booking to later in the season. If either the alternative destination or deferral is not possible or suitable to your preference, then you will have the option to cancel your holiday and be refunded. We will endeavour to process refunds as quickly as we can. However, in order to refund in full, in some cases we are reliant on our suppliers refunding us the payments we have made on your behalf. Please note, if you booked insurance as an optional extra, this will not be refunded as per terms and conditions.**



We understand that you may prefer to not wait until 7 days before departure - this is your choice as an individual. However, we recommend where possible that you do not cancel your booking before we confirm if it can go ahead or not. Should you cancel before we communicate this, you will be liable for cancellation fees as per our terms and conditions regardless of whether the holiday actually goes ahead or not. If you wait until we confirm whether you can travel or not and if we confirm your holiday is not able to go ahead, you are eligible for the refund. We therefore recommend you wait.


If you are travelling from Ireland, your holiday currently goes ahead as normal (please see relevant restrictions and entry requirements on our dedicated travel checklist page here. Please also see guidance from the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs here. PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible if you have flights that transit through the UK. It is the individual’s responsibility to rebook flights as required.


We appreciate you may wish to contact us for further information or clarification. We are dealing with an unprecedented volume of enquiries at the moment and in order to be able to deal with these as effectively as we can, we politely request that you follow the below guidelines.

For information regarding December 18th immediate travel: Please see above

If you want to cancel (for travel after 26th December): please see our cancellation terms here and our advice above in the section “Disinclination to travel”

If you have any queries regarding testing or entry requirements: please look at the relevant authorities' websites. For UK travellers, this is on the FCDO page here. Erna Low are not able to verify testing information. Please check our travel checklist page here where relevant.

For information regarding when these restrictions may ease again, please do not contact Erna Low and instead monitor press and governmental updates

For all other enquiries: If you can find the information you require by cross referencing the above, this allows us to focus on the enquiries where information is required by passengers or information is missing. If your query is not covered in the guidance above, please do contact us on our webchat and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience, support and understanding at this time

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